Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's not always easy to come by.  Many times we rail against it. Why? Usually because we don't want to give it.  We want to hold on to our anger? Stand upon & demand our rights.

What happens if we lay those down? I mean what *really* happens? Does it kill us? Does it hurt us? I think usually we are afraid...afraid of being taken advantage of, right? Can you take advantage of the willing? Can you?  Can you steal from the giving?

What energy we use on being upset, offended, disappointed. Then what? We want the offender to know. Why? Are they really oblivious? We tell them how hurt we are, how angry we are. THEN? We want some kind of payment, right? In the form of a reaction, an apology....why? self satisfaction of knowing or feeling we were right, correct.


Think about it!

There are numerous verses in the Bible on being slow to anger & wrath, quick to forgive, slow to speak but quick to listen. Perhaps there's a reason for that....

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