Friday, December 24, 2010

Everything's ok

It has to be, with out a doubt, those tiny, seemingly insignificant moments, hardly noticeable to anyone else, when I catch a glimpse of my children.

When K was maybe just a few days old, I was at the store for no reason but to experience civilization again (lol) and a stranger approached me and asked how old K was, clearly a new born. She told me that no matter how awful life seemed at the moment, she was always able to look at her child and just *know* everything was going to be ok.  Looking into her son's eyes and seeing his smile, she said, made everything else in the world, minuscule. I'm not sure I had ever experienced that personally, when she told me.

Since that time though, it has proven to be true.

I have been in extremely low moments, when it feels as if 'my' world will end and K has approached me or simply been standing near by and I see him, his smile, and just *know*, that God put him in my life to bless me and show me that everything will be OK.  When you are surrounded by such love, true love, how can it *not* be OK? No matter where you are or what has happened, the love of family is immeasurable. 

Or when my 2nd son, who is very keen and sensitive to the feelings of those around him and currently 10.5 years old....never fails to have an encouraging word.  He truly believes that no matter how rough today might have been, tomorrow is going to be better.  Although, according to him, %99 of the time, the current day is "the best day of his life". Seriously.  How can things NOT be ok when so often, it's the best day of your life!?!

I think that phrase alone, is going to be my new thought or motto for 2011.  I am going to strive to create the BEST day of my life every day.  Why wouldn't it be? Why shouldn't it be?

Each day awakes with the potential to be better than the one before. I LOVE it!

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