Thursday, December 16, 2010


After thinking about this for a few days I have finally concluded that the most influential friendship I have is the one I share with my husband. It's been quite awhile since I've been able to look at him as a 'friend'.  my 'husband' sure, lover, of course.  But friend? Really? Really.

He is the one who challenges me the most on a day to day basis.  Challenges me to be a better wife, a better mother, a better human being over all.  Sometimes the challenge is in how I relate to him.  Sometimes, the challenge comes through observation, how *he* treats others. He is very generous and hospitable, supportive and encouraging.

It would be easy for me to turn to a girl friend first for all things chatty in this life. My number one relationship, though, is him, day in and day out.  When I thought about this prompt I realized the one I turn to most often (besides my Lord & Savior, Jesus) is my husband, above all others.
It was not always this way. It was a pleasant surprise to realize this. I would say then, that this has been a gradual process of change. The way my friendship with him affects my perspective on the world is by giving hope and seeing the wold through his eyes.  I am the only one that knows him so intimately and he is the only one that knows me as well.  I know his strengths and weaknesses and he knows mine.

But he remains my friend, despite *knowing* me.  There is a dance of give and take that we know so well.  We make a great team.  We've developed this friendship through almost 2 decades of knowing each other.  We've known each other for longer than we've *not* known each other.  

The mere existence of his friendship inspires me, comforts me and blesses me within my soul. It allows me to face the world at large with confidence, knowing that, at the end of the day, there is at least one person on this earth who's 'got my back'!

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