Sunday, December 19, 2010


Most of my healing has been through insight given straight by God. When I have been hurt and wounded, I can trust that my creator will gently remind me of who I am, in Him and who I am meant to be.  It seems for me, when I feel hurt it is because I have forgotten who I truly am or who I am meant to be.

Only when I am walking in my true identity, do I experience true healing, emotional health and wellness.  He has also given me intelligence to do research, seek out knowledge for other ways to attain healing, physically and mentally.  Paying attention to how I am treated my body, my self.  Learning about diet and proper nutrition along with other elements the body needs to operate in optimal condition.

Inspiration also provides creative outlets for healing. Also, looking at the faces of my four sweet blessings melts all my cares and concerns away.  In y darkest hours I see the and feel the warmth and loving presence they bring with them where ever they go and it heals me from the inside out.  I hear the laughter and how can I not join in?

For 2011 I would like to continue to heal from broken relationships because I would like to have deeper relationships with out barriers.  I hope to be able to open my heart more toward forgiveness and have opportunities to speak love into those with who relations are strained.

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