Friday, December 17, 2010

Life Lessons

 I think that what I have realized is how lovely life can be.  How lovely I can *make* it.  I have the opportunity *every day* to create a life I *want*...a life that is lovely to live.  every day is a fresh opportunity filled with potential to be lovely.

Some days I might fail but I know that once the day is over--so is the failure.  The next day begins with success, creativity and inspiration.

I learned that *I* create the life I want to live, regardless of extraneous circumstances or environment.  

Going forward, I want to hold on to each moment more and remember that I have a choice.  A choice to live lovely & create a lifetime of lovely moments.  A lifetime of lovely memories. I do not need things to create a lovely life.  Things will not produce the satisfaction of a life well lived.  

What makes life lovely for me is to be surrounded by loveliness, smiles, laughter, love of family.  Even greater loveliness is achieved when I am giving the same back.. Smile at the cashier, even after waiting in the longest line.  Realizing that life need not be rushed.  I can let my toddler walk around the block and stop and inspect every nook and cranny...I do not need to hold him to hurry along.  I can relax on the teen-man, I can admit he's a great guy...I can admit that I enjoy my family and being around my own kiddos, it does not mean I am *only* a mom.  I can forgive the minor and the major offenses, no need to hold a grudge.

I learned creativity gives me joy.
Creating loveliness.
Choosing loveliness is the best choice.

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