Sunday, December 26, 2010

Soul Food

It has too be a dinner we enjoyed as a family during our road trip.It was at this truck stop.  Ironically, it had the same name as a local restaurant we had loved that closed down; Russells. 

It was toward the end of our trip.  We weren't sure how the food would be...but the employees impressed us the most. While we were there, one of the employees called in to say they had run out of gas on the way to work.  The manager sent another employee to pick up that employee and put gas into their car.  Who does that?  From their restaurant we also enjoyed a view of a gorgeous sunset.  They also had a museum that contained lots of vintage cars and memorabilia.  It was free but there was an opportunity to donate---not to profit the museum, all the proceeds went directly to a local organization that ministered to & fed homeless in the area.

The travel center also contained a chapel that actually holds regular services, to minister to truckers, shower and laundry facilities.  The place had a small grocery store and gift shop and was clean and in excellent condition all around.

We were quite impressed and felt very comfortable there, good energy.  Being a stranger, a tourist, traveling through, it was a nice respite from the road and a great comfort to see all the ministry that could and did happen in that place....starting with a delicious meal!

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