Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Actually, we *really* traveled in 2010!  One client my husband did a commercial for hired him and his co-star (star?) to do a public appearance for their owners convention, in Ohio.  Well, I have an aunt, uncle and cousins in OH so naturally, I suggested we make this a family affair. I think vacations, especially the non-cushy type, like camping, are especially beneficial for families.  I knew this would be a great opportunity to build some amazing memories and get some truly needed bonding time in.

My husband had an all expense paid trip and we decided to drive to meet him and he would drive the rest of the way with us.  We started with me and the kids leaving a few days before him at 5:30 am! It was dark.

We met up with an E-friend of mine in UT and had lunch.  We ended up staying the night at a KOA in UT.  From there we headed to Indiana to meet up with another E-friend.  We had dinner, went to the fair and stayed the night. My uncles home was only 3 hours away from there, which was a nice change from the long stretches of driving we were doing.

We also experienced a rain storm that kept following us.  As we drove through Colorado we felt lots of positivity and high energy as we witnessed activity every where.  River the rain!! Colorado didn't just rain either, it *threw* the rain at us.  We also witnessed a full double rainbow.  It was beautiful!!!  I received my FIRST ticket Nebraska--the most boring state to drive through EVER! Really.  The state trooper even told me so. ;-)

Beyond that, we realized just how much America was made of CORN! We met up with 'daddy' at 'work'--a really nice hotel and stayed the night.  As I rolled into the parking lot, my tire went flat! After all those miles, God was still good to prevent that tire going flat on a long deserted road.

We visited Hershey, PA.  YES it smells like chocolate and the streets were chocolate colored.  We weren't sure if we were going to be able to make it into New York but we were SO close...we couldn't resist.  Of course we visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty AND Dylan's Candy shop and Central Park.  

We stayed the night in New Jersey and then headed to Washington D.C.  It was the most humidity we've ever experienced in our lives. I've never sweat so much just standing still! We then headed to Maryland to meet up and stay the night with another sweet E-friend.

We made an intentional stop in TN to visit & reconnect with some great friends that moved away a few years ago. We relaxed all weekend and enjoyed the best fellowship.  Our visit was too short and with tearful goodbyes and reconnected hearts, we were headed toward home.

Our final scenic stop was the Grand Canyon.  It was absolutely breathtaking and the perfect 'last stop' to our "Great American Adventure".  

We had so many exciting, adventurous, funny and memorable moments along the way. 17 days of driving, camping, motels, and CORN!

In 2011, we hope to travel back to the Grand Canyon and take my mother-in-love.  I would also like to take another road trip up along the coast to visit my other Aunt & uncle in Oregon and see other friends up north.  

I believe life is too short to dream of 'going places'.  Just GO! Especially if you have a family.  I know my ktbunch will never, in their entire lives, forget the summer of 2010.  No matter how little $$$ you have, there is plenty to see on the cheap.
The memories are priceless.

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