Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tree Time

 The weather was perfect today to look for a tree.  It was cold and over cast all day.  Yesterday was totally opposite, it was pretty hot. It just doesn't feel right to be buying a Christmas tree when it's 80 degrees.  Am I right or what? 

Normally, if I had my way, I'd untie each and every tree and compare. Seriously. I've learned to sort of zone out though and allow my kiddos the honor of looking for *the* tree.

I still have a say but it's more of a group effort with them having the majority vote.  There were many years where we purposely used to look for the most Charlie Brownish tree! I always felt sorry for those trees---like no one else was going to *choose* them--but we would.
Other years, we waited as long as possible before Christmas to get one.  Usually with the hope that the sellers would be willing to give us a discount since it was so late and they knew by then the trees were just going to not get sold otherwise. Sometimes it worked.

The past few years, we're simply casual about it.  When we get around to it, we get around to it.  It is nice though. It's the center piece of our decorations besides our lit up house.  I love the memories of Christmas past, each ornament brings.  And the surprise of finding the ornament I purchased for each child last year, the day after Christmas, *this* year!  That is always fun.

I noticed this year they had "no-scent" trees. What's the point of that? If you are allergic--you skip the tree all together, but it can't be just because of the scent. Strange. 

It's always a challenge to make *room* for the tree and this year is no different.  Someday I hope to have a living room big enough to accommodate furniture, people and a tree all at the same time. haha! For now, we'll simply have to take turns and rotate.  Hey, it's about priorities, ya know? ;-)


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    What do you do with the tree when Christmas is over?

  2. Our city recycles....I believe they turn them into mulch. Sometimes we just save it in the back yard & then burn it--use it for firewood, later.


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