Thursday, January 27, 2011

1st week of school

Wow! I can't believe I have completed a full week of school!  It has been exhilarating.  The campus was potentially overwhelming because it was so big but I was fine.  The professors were/are fabulous over all.  They seem to really care about the students and are passionate about their subjects.

My Ethinic Lit professor, upon first impression, seems a bit eccentric possibly but I'm not sure. She comes to class wearing a safari hat.  Really. She is French, I think.  She studied in Paris, has a french accent and speaks French.  That makes it a bit challenging to understand her sometimes but I can mostly. On the first day she got into this conversation, right in the middle of class, with another student, who is a French Lit major, in French! swoon!

Another professor talks really fast and is kind of funny like that...She doesn't keep office hours in her office, she said because the weather is always so great and everyone wants to be outside so she holds office hours outside. Fabulous!

My Middle East professor, also has an accent.  I couldn't place it exactly.  Turns out she is from Belgium but her mother is danish.  She's also a recruiter for the government and intelligence.  Who knew geography could lead to such fascinating job opportunities!?! ;-) I'm actually considering adding a geography major....inspiring!

My last professor...I like hi the least.  No reason really.  Well, I think it's simply his long "pirate" hair.  It's long and curly-frizzy and he holds it back, not with a rubber band but with a jaw clip.  Plus the fact that he prides himself on having a *challenging* class. I'm not sure if I think his class is boring or not yet, either. It definitely has potential so the verdict is still out on this one.

I really enjoy discussing the readings, not being lectured AT so much. The Middle Eastern class seems to involve a short film at least once a week, according to the syllabus. The first one we watched today was interesting.

All the classes are going to require numerous papers...besides my trepidation at being able to keep up with the coursework, simply due to my life and time constraints, I am very excited to be there.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  I am also fascinated to see the other students and hear more about them and their personal passions.  Even the challenges that each course may offer me--I am up for it.  Ready to simply embrace the process and *learn*.  That IS what I am there for.  I want to improve on some of the skills I believe I already have.  The way to do that is to step up to challenge right?

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  1. uhm. u r funny, and u r a nice mom, and stuff.


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