Saturday, January 15, 2011

Make do OR do with out Challenge

There's more to this old saying but this sums it up pretty well.  I am on a quest to rid myself of excess stuff!  Also to break my lust for things and more stuff.  I don't think of myself as materialistic or addicted to consumerism....I've justified myself by simply saying I like nice things.  Sure, who doesn't?  Right? 

But I realized, it was right there in front of me...all along.  The longing for more, for something different, something nicer, something newer.  I am surrounded by more things than I can handle but yet...the longing  lust is there, deep inside.   I want to break the habits of my *heart*.  The habits that don't necessarily show themselves on the outside but I know they're there. I want to be able to use what I have and to have less.  I want to be a good steward of what I already have.

With all that in mind I am challenging myself to Make Do or Do With Out!  This is going to require more thought and planning.  

For example, the weather has been cold and my youngest needs a jacket.  I could spend $$$ and buy him a brand new one.  I mean he does need it, as in he does not currently own one.  I could go a bit cheaper and purchase one from the thrift store which would make sense since he will outgrow it by next season anyway. Or I could spend NO $$$ and create one with resources I already have here at home and skills I have learned.
Of course it would be faster to just run to the store and buy him one, that is why I need to plan.  I have all the materials on hand plus I can be creative.  It won't cost me any $$$ but it will cost me time and energy.  My budget is pretty non-existent right now--meaning I am just plain flat broke! It will be a bonus to not spend $$$ and at some point, when I do have $$$, it will be nice to get in the habit of saving it!

I plan to see just how far I can take this. I can only think of ONE project on my 'list' for this year that I want to accomplish that I don't have supplies for..but we'll see what happens when I actually get to it.

I plan to post the projects that I accomplish mainly on my Kraft blog but I'll post some updates here as well.

Who's with me!?!
Take the Make Do or Do With Out Challenge!

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