Monday, March 28, 2011

Figured something out!

First: K will be 2 years old in just about a week! Can you believe it? That's not what I figured out though...

He is, by far, the MOST active child of the four.  S is a close second and really threw me for a loop when he was born but K is way beyond him.  He literally runs in circles just because he has the energy.

Ok well this is a challenge for me at church.  Everyone else thinks he's adorable-and he is-but *I* want him to learn how to behave properly and not disrupt people.  On Sunday mornings, we meet in an elementary school cafeteria/auditorium.  It's very casual and laid back atmosphere.  K has been arriving at church and, literally, running around during the worship time, before they take the children outside. Many of us are standing for worship so it's not out of place for him to not actually be sitting. But he will run around the perimeter of all the seats, and one time, right down the middle as the pastor started speaking. He really does not disrupt anyone because he does not stop, you simply see a flash of toddler running past.  Pastor does not mind at all--but *I* do.

Well, yesterday, he happened to be ready awhile before we let for church.  So Birdy took him outside to ride his bike. That was a first because usually we are scrambling out the door.  Well, we arrived at church and he was fairly calm.  He didn't run all around.  He enjoyed some snacks and even sat down for a little while to eat them. Then I realized what we had done differenlty.

I am not exaggerating when I say that he rarely, if ever, SITS down.  He doesn't even stop moving in his sleep--he rolls back and forth in my his bed, all through the night. I saw this happen for the first time the other day but I filed it to the back of my mind.

He seemed a bit antsy and it was almost evening.  I realized he had not been outside all day. I took him out and forced him to RUN.  Had him chase me and I chased him and we were having a total blast...until he decided to run into the street! That quickly ended and I took him inside. He was sorely disappointed BUT after he calmed down, he SAT on the couch.  calmly and nicely, on the couch. I was stunned but moved on to other responsibilities.

So if you have a super squirmer, before getting frustrated or disciplining for misbehavior--perhaps some preemptive activity might be the solution.  I have seen this help tremendously for my 10 year old's focus and attention but I've never had to worry about one so young. 

So from here on out--I'm working in some major, large-muscle-group play time BEFORE church...and any other event that will require sitting.

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