Thursday, April 28, 2011


A few weeks ago I happened to stumble upon a FABULOUS find! Literally--stumbled upon.  I was out w/ the family and passed a Levi's store. In the window was a display for new Levi's CurveID womens jeans. Now if you are a normal sized woman, you've experienced the frustration of trying to find a decent fitting pair of jeans. I know you have. Admit it.

You avoid jean shopping because it's so depressing. After trying on 11-19 pairs of jeans in ONE sitting--you KNOW there simply must NOT be a pair of jeans to fit YOU & you wonder how all the other ladies, who are over 15 years old, wear jeans! Right? Yep. I've certainly been there. If the jeans fit the hips--the waist gaps. If it fits the waist--they probably don't go up past your knees. OR you think you have finally found a pair you can at least get up & zipped but heaven forbid you have to sit down or bend over. Have you ever known a mom who wasn't leaning over at any given moment of the day? Especially w/ a toddler!?! Goodness--the problem, as we so eloquently like to call it in our home is: "CRACKkills!" I think that's self explanatory. Don't forget the dreaded muffin-top.

So back to the Levi's.  I decided to inquire within and see what all this window displaying was about. I hesitantly walked into the store and nonchalantly began to peruse the denim environment in stealth mode. I was certain these jeans were probably only available in that horrible-only-a-prepubescent-tween-could-fit-in-these-skinny-jeans style. I was soon accosted by an employee.  She directed me to the 'boot-cut' section. YES! They actually had all the current styles: skinny, straight, boot cut, skinny boot cut. My intrigue grew as I searched for my waist size--convinced they would never get over my hips.

I headed toward the dressing room afraid to hope....What a shock when not only did I get the jeans "up & over" but they could zip & button too. And NO muffin top, crack or back waist gappage to be seen. Ok--they must look horrible then, right? I turned to the mirror & was surprised to see they looked & fit FABULOUS! I am not kidding. I was sold. They had me under their spell--I didn't care what the cost was--I was buying these jeans! The tag stated $70 but I got mine, after tax for $65. It was well-worth it. I have NEVER paid that much for ANY piece of clothing item since purchasing my wedding dress. I am serious. I'm a super frugal gal, ya know!

These jeans are created higher in the back, that avoids the crackkills phenomenon. Their main draw is the fact that they have a curvy cut, so if, like most women, you look like a female & not a boy, meaning your body is not a straight edged rectangle, these will actually fit you. These jeans have 4 levels of "curve"--don't be shy! If you must, go for the supreme curve. You won't regret it.

I walked out of there w/ a perfect fitting pair of skinny-boot-cut jeans & never looked back. Seriously.

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