Wednesday, May 4, 2011

sick, sick, sick...

Here I am again, feeling worn out, with a hot flushed face & annoying runny nose. ugh. I've only got one more week of school--this is no time to be overwhelmed--but I am. I can't believe I made it this far. I am excited about one of my *finals*. Basically the professor is allowing us to do whatever we want, creatively speaking, as long as it incorporates the literature we have covered this semester. Semester. wow! I remember my first day--geez! What am I, a kindergartner?

For that class I am working on a quilt. A modern one, for sure. It will be the first time I try out some raw edge, piecing techniques. As well as some new mentally creative techniques. It clears my mind to be creative & I think that allows me to write sounds good in theory anyway. Doesn't it? That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

As I finish my own finals--oldest will be graduating. Goodness I haven't even begun to *officially* plan his party yet...but of course I've got ideas rolling around in my head...behind two research papers, two comparative journal writings and that quilt, that is....
Samuel had his *first* audition. It was easy peasy. A whole lotta nerves for nothing really.  It was an interview--they simply asked him a couple questions, wanting to see his personality. Naturally, it was a learning experience afterward, as we gave him some tips & pointers on how he could improve his responses. 

I also experienced a *first*---my first filling--EVER! Really. I only remember going to the dentist ONCE as a child.  Last fall I had my wisdom teeth pulled--excuse me--extracted. I was asleep for the procedure but afterward was a bit traumatic--all that blood--even though it was only mildly painful, requiring regular use of OTC pain meds. Blah, blah blah--so anyway, I've been having all this follow-up care, because it's part of a *program* of work, done by UCLA dental school. You kind of have to sign up for the whole shabang. I am SO grateful my teeth aren't worse. I have no idea why, really. I would have never even went in if that one molar hadn't of broken, from all these years of pressure from my wisdom tooth. It is still a bit of a chunk of change though. For having never really gone to the dentist--I need very minor work on this mouth! Seriously. But saving your teeth is *expensive*--just brush, floss, don't smoke, drink WATER & be done w/ it. sheesh! It's cheaper to drink water so just do it.

I have no idea how *I* escaped with minor cavities but I have a few theories--@ least this is what I'll tell my kids. It's from NOT being a regular soda drinker. I basically drink WATER. All.the.time. Ok lately I have been drinking more tea...but even that goes in seasons--hey! it was cold this winter, all right? But now it's hot so I'm back to plain water. 

Now my oldest blows this theory out of the water.  His teeth are a half-way wreck. Lots of cavities & being first born--you know I was extra strict. I don't think he even ever tasted a soda until he was @ least 8 years old. He certainly didn't have candy nearly as much as the middles do. ssshhh...don't tell anyone--I don't want to ruin my super-mom reputation--so let's just keep that last tidbit between us.

Speaking of candy--I've been a total mom @ school. I bring candy to poison ahem, delight my classmates often. I'm not really that nice--I just want to remove the temptation from my own household. Have I ever told you how my middles are total candy fiends? Ok, well the cats out of the bag. So that's how I passive-aggressively handle candy in my own home. I purchase it for the pinata--send it home w/ all the other party guests & then take it to school & give it away generously. Hey--they're ADULTS--they can make their own bad oral hygiene choices!

Well, I can't wait to show you my WIP--the quilt final. Most of it is all pinned...soon I will sew it. I was going to do it tonight--but the hot-face won and I did nothing instead. Maybe know after I do the other hundred million other more-or-just-as-important items on my to do list that I regularly neglect. It's got like a million pieces to be sewn on...not.even.exaggerating. Ok yes I am but it does have a LOTS of small pieces that will probably make it feel like a million.

Oh and if you need to read one more thing about my-so-called-life (remember that show? It was great--they SO should have kept that one & canned Party of 5!)...I'm speaking again @ church on Sunday night. It's Mother's Day--I know--but the pastor wants words on *children*. I have an idea brewing. (brewing-hey! like tea!) It doesn't involve how to raise them either...We'll see.

I hope I feel better tomorrow because tomorrow is my long day & all I need is even the hint of a sniffle to tempt me to stay home---my will is weak tonight. But I can't afford to miss class--gotta finish strong & make myself proud. :-)

BTW: is it just me or is anyone else noticing a baby boom in their circle of friends? Don't tempt me!

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