Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Cache Stash

The hubs and I started early Friday morning with a bike ride and some geocaching searches.  We found one--he found it, after a few busts. It added a whole new element to our bike ride.

Later we went with the brother and his family.  That was fun.  We hid one too, but it ended up being too close to another cache so we have to rehide it somewhere else. One is hidden amongst a bunch of rocks--we couldn't find it, even with 10 of us looking. Maybe we are too impatient. haha. 

One was hidden in front of a residence and *I* scored that one. It was disguised as a sprinkler! Who wuddathunkit!?! 

My nephew gets the score for the grey tube you see--filled with swag. It was hidden in the leg of a newspaper stand type of thing. Geocache hiders are pretty clever!

Even my Birdy girl got credit for a find in a strip mall sign!  I missed it thanX to the spiders and webs but she spotted it.

Sunday night, after church we went to dinner with our church family. We told and invited some friends but only one was up for the challenge. It makes it much harder searching in the dark but we found one--again the hubs gets the score for that one. (top of pic strip)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about....check out for more details and to get started. It's fun and rather addicting and good clean family fun. ;-) Well, except for the occasional mud & digging through bushes and lying on streets to peer under storm drains.....

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  1. I'm going to send a travel bug to your area :-)


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