Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sammy turns 11

We celebrated Sammy's birthday today. It coincided with out neighborhood's annual block party & firework show.  We hung out here at home, planned to start a bonfire & light up our Christmas tree....but the guys got scared of all the smoke and put the bonfire out pretty quick with the hose. haha!

So we didn't get to roast hot dogs or make s'mores over the fire after all. Bummer. We attempted to load everyone up on the bikes but Sam's had a flat tire *again*...I think that's 3 inner tubes now. So it was a game of 'musical bikes' to get everyone re-situated since we were short a bike.

I rode in the car with the Mr.'s family while the rest of the get-along-gang rode the bikes to the mall so we could all watch the fireworks together. It's a really great show.

Afterward, we had just enough time to enjoy the birthday cupcakes. Instead of regular cup-cake toppers....I topped them with home-made mustaches in various shapes and sizes. I thought Sammy might like that & he did! Just another fabulous day in my life!

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  1. We have been doing that with tubes on bikes! Yesterday, my son rode his down a set of steps and we heard it go pop!!!! "sigh"


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