Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Weather

For a few days this summer we actually made it to the beach. It started last Friday when the Mr. had his tennis tourney & we all stopped at the beach for a little while.

Monday Sammy had an audition in Malibu and well, who can go to "Malibu" and *not* go to the beach? Know what I'm saying? We weren't there very long but it was long enough to snap a few pix and stretch our legs then head back into traffic.

That was all it took for the ktbunch to get that beach fever. The next day we headed to Bay Shore which is a local bay. I love it cause the beach is short so it's easy to watch the kiddos. There are no waves, that doesn't excite the kiddos but it's perfect for the toddler. They can all float around and get wet enough with out me worrying they are going to get sucked into the sea.

It was also a great opportunity to use the water bombs I made. They worked great. The Mr. and I took a swim of our own, both days. WHAT a work out. I don't know *how* I used to swim that length before. I am so out of shape. But who's keeping track right? ;-) I did notice a fine film? of semi-green color on all my body hair after the swim...until I wiped it off. EEEwwwwweee? maybe. It's not a pool, what do you expect?

It felt great...once I talked myself into the water, which was cold. Of course, once you dive in, that's all it takes and you don't even notice. I couldn't convince myself of that the 2nd day though...when I finally did jump in--boy was it sure colder than the first day! Way colder. Whatever. Once you start moving it's fine...or so I told myself. 

These ended up being a few more great afternoons to add to our summer memories.

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