Monday, August 22, 2011

Why not?

I noticed online a bunch of mom's hosting back-to-school breakfasts & parties. Well, since we eat breakfast everyday, it never occurred to me to make a 'special' one for the first day of school. HOW could I have not thought of this myself!?!

So today I made an extra special breakfast just because. It's not officially the first day of school but hey, it's Monday! That counts right? I served parfaits in wine glasses (which I happen to have two sturdy plastic ones!) which worked perfectly. Replaced the table cloth (which was long over due) and set place mats.

 You know you want some!

Once I start back to school myself, next week, this may not be practical but I am going to make more of an effort to *fancy up* other meals. Meal times should not be taken for granted. Getting everyone involved in some way did add some peace to our morning, surprisingly. You think it's gonna make it more hectic. Actually, it seemed to calm everyone, each doing their part, to prepare a *nice* breakfast. Maybe that is key? I'm not sure but it worked. Birdy set the table, Sammyboy sliced the strawberries while Ern pulled out & rinsed the nicer dishes and I cooked the eggs & prepared the parfaits. I think the parfaits were the biggest hit of the morning.

Even the toddler used a 'good dish'--plastic of course! He really enjoyed breakfast too.

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