Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Shark-boy

Sammy booked his first commercial and shot it today. He was one of about 11 or so kids w/ shark fins on their backs, swarming in frenzied shark-like circles, stalking a 'mom' bringing home some Sharkies fruit snacks!

It was quite an eye opener for him. I tried to prepare him for all the time he would have on his hands & told him to bring his science book to work on. He didn't believe me. By the end of the afternoon....he was convinced that *next time* he was definitely bringing his science book! lol

We sat around most of the day, eating. They have a table spread that can't be beat. They were short one fin so he wasn't in most of the scenes they shot. Which made the day even more boring & disappointing. Once they released most of the talent, they put a fin on him and he was able to shoot a close up scene. Of course I hope they use it. He was in the group shot, of them huddled in a fruit-snack-feeding-frenzy but I don't think you'll see him cause he doesn't have a fin on. A few of the bigger kids were obnoxious and rowdy and created some not very fun moments. But over all, I think it was a good experience for him. After they shot his individual scene, we were released and he was on cloud nine. I'm sure the endorphin boost from the running they made him do & the sweet Sharkies snacks they had them eat had something to do w/ it too. :-)

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