Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celebrity Crushed

I’ve loved Jimmy since I first saw him on Saturday Night Live, even if I could hardly remember his name. He’s not a big muscle-man stud. He’s not particularly a heart throb. He is really funny though. I have always been attracted to guys with good humor. His movies often flopped but still I found his humor attractive. I imagined in real life he was probably very much, if not exactly like he was in film and television, a quirky, but loveable, funny guy.

Recently a friend got us tickets to his late night television show. I was SO excited I mentioned it on my Facebook status. My friends commented on my excitement, not realizing how much I adored Jimmy. We were going to be able to hang out in the green room backstage. Maybe I would be able to get a glimpse of him, up close and personal.

I blow dried my hair and wore my Easter dress, even though I know most women would wear jeans for a late night out. I wanted to look respectable so I wore my glasses. It draws attention to my eyes. Plus I can’t see that well at night.

 I felt like a groupie and was just as excited. We drove to Hollywood and didn't even have to wait in line. We went around to the back entrance. We checked in with a guard and my friend dropped her friend’s name. We were on the ‘list’. We walked right in. The hallway was lined with pictures of ‘Jimmy’ with various guests. I was confused. The hallway must house pictures from the network’s big shows?

I didn’t see any other pictures except from the show. It wasn’t the Jimmy Fallon Show it was the Jimmy Kimmel show!!!!! That explained why my friends were so confused as to why I was so excited. In my mind I kept thinking Jimmy Fallon when it was really Jimmy Kimmel!

The show was as amusing as it could be for someone I had no desire to see. We had good seats and were even treated to an outdoor concert by Cypress Hill accompanied by the wafting scent of marijuana and a bunch of grown adults dressed as hooligans. We were in the very back. I had no interest in getting any closer to the extremely loud speakers.

I noticed right away that next to us, in the back was ‘Starbuck’ from one of my favorite SciFi shows, Battle Star Galactica (remake of the 1980’s television show). I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t get to meet Jimmy Fallon but my husband and I took pictures with the fracking coolest viper pilot the universe has ever seen!

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