Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is this what *Courageous* has turned into?

The lyrics below are a newly popular song by Casting Crowns. It's a great song...I love it. As I was listening closer to the lyrics, instead of feeling inspired I began to feel sad. It seems to be directed at men, meant to be inspiring.

What saddened me was the idea that the examples in the song lyrics of being *courageous* are actions that should be every day behaviors--but NOW it's considered *courageous* if you behave this way? Really?

Has society or Christianity, since this is directed toward Christians I believe, sunk so low that the idea of 'loving your wife and children' is now the brave thing to do, instead of the normal thing to do? Since when? And if so--then are true acts of bravery--facing evil, defending the defenseless, fighting for truth & justice, now limited to only super heroes? I mean if it calls for bravery, courage to love your wife then what does it take to stop a mugger from taking an old lady's purse?

And to turn this around, toward women--am I really making a great sacrifice by being faithful to my husband and loving to my children? In other words, I am going *above and beyond* by following through on my vows & duty. SINCE WHEN?

Does your boss really need to thank you each & every day you show up at work? You get PAID to do that, you are doing him no favors by being there! Just as being married has perks and being a parent has perks.

Sure, no one is saying being a Christian or doing the 'right thing' is a cake-walk--but come on! Do we really need a pep talk to love our spouse & kids--cause is it really that horrible and that hard of a thing to do? Is it a behavior that is *scary* & truly requires courage to follow through on?

Cause I don't think it is. No one has ever had to give me a pep talk to stay faithful or not abuse my children. It's the natural thing to do, what was expected, not something extra ordinary.

Now remaining married under duress or less than ideal circumstances--sure that took more effort and diligence--but it certainly didn't require courage. Nor did loving my children, it may take extra patience but not courage.

I feel that some of the messages we are sending in the name of "Christianity" are very lost and mixed, at the very least.

I don't want my kids to think they are doing something extra ordinary when they choose to do right. They are doing the EXPECTED thing. I don't think it takes courage, in these days to remain married, love your children & serve God...I think it takes self-discipline, dedicated purpose and mission.

Stepping out in faith may take courage--but I don't see loving your family as an act of faith. Most people enter into marriage willingly & under most circumstances have an idea of WHO they are marrying.

Being a man 'meant for so much more' implies living a life of passion and purpose, knowing your mission and following through to fulfill that mission, in the face of evil and darkness. Having a spouse by your side, can help make that journey more comfortable, certainly. But that also involves mutual benefit.

How bout acting BRAVE when you are alone and there is true risk involved!?! Being a soldier in battle-actually facing an enemy, requires bravery. Intentionally living to avoid temptation to do wrong--doesn't require bravery but self control.

Facing death for the good of all mankind--now *that* was courageous!

I mean, really guys? You're better than this, right?

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