Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last day of Classes!

Wow! Another semester. Fall is much harder than Spring, I've decided. Too many holidays, it's cold, the weather begs you to stay home and in bed, plus it holds a natural inclination toward depression.

Besides that though-whoa-has it been a challenge. As if going back to school wasn't challenge enough in and of itself. I still have a couple finals next week and two that I only need to show up and turn in final work.

It certainly wasn't the dream semester I had last Spring but it wasn't horrible. I did set myself up taking five classes, including a science at 8:00 AM. WHO can do science at 8:00am anyway? I'm desperately clinging to a wing & a prayer to pass that one.

It looks to all have been worth it though. Everything is in order for me to graduate in a timely manner this upcoming May. I am looking forward to it SO much, I can't even believe it. I don't even need to end with five classes again either. It was looking like I might have to. I will have a more traditional schedule with only four classes, although two of them are 4 units each, for a total of 14 units. None of my classes will be at 8:00 AM either.

I was blessed to have some fabulous writing professors that produce fabulous writing classes. One of the classes was really interesting to me. My classmates wrote such amazing pieces.  I was consistently amazed. It was impossible not to feel a sort of strange bond to others willing to share such depth from their lives. I felt safe enough in that class to want to try to push my writing in different directions. I was willing and unafraid to experiment. The results were pretty amazing. I learned a lot in that class. I could feel the growth in my writing.

Not all my writing classes were like this, but it's ok. I even experimented with fiction. Surprise, surprise. Midway through I actually felt in the groove and had a bunch of ideas running through my mind...before I was bogged down by the evils of Physical Science anyway.

So....I certainly haven't had much Christmas crafty time lately...

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  1. So one more semester and you are done?!


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