Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas morn we woke slowly, like we always do.We enjoyed exchanging our few gifts and then headed to church.

I am so glad my ktbunch have never been in rush to wake on Christmas morning. 
It was a gorgeous day, I couldn't resist opening the curtains first thing, like I usually do. But it created lots of crazy shadows and contrast for our pix. 

Kurtis is making the funniest face in this pic. I LOVE it. He loved this sword and shield his biggest brother got for him. I think this pic caught him mid roar or something.

Sammy, like the rest of the boys, loves Legos so he was excited to receive this Lego game.

We enjoyed exchanging our few gifts and then headed to church. I don't remember Christmas ever falling on a Sunday, but it seemed like the perfect thing to do on Christmas. The small church we attend on Sunday mornings was actually fuller than usual. I was surprised but given the character of the members of this church-I should not have been.

One of our *family* gifts was to go see the new movie: We Bought a Zoo. It was a good movie. We went to the Drive-In, of course & my dad & brother & his wife joined us. But whew! It was coooolllddd! It was a good thing we were bundled up and brought our coziest blankets.


  1. Love this. We had a simple Christmas as well - exchanged a few gifts and went to church. It felt good to do it that way - not rushed and just enjoying our time together.

    Love you, friend! Happy New Year!

  2. KT I came back this morning, as I had little time yesterday, to read more of your posts, more about you and your family. What a precious family you have. I'm living with my son, daughter-in-love and two granddaughters, having lost my husband three years ago. My grands are homeschooled too. We are so looking forward to seeing We Bought a Zoo. Sometimes around here, I think we "are" the zoo!


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