Thursday, January 12, 2012

A the life: the "talent" side.

I don't normally post about "the business" or the Mr.'s involvement...but, well, I've changed my mind.

Tuesday morning the Mr. woke to do his daily work out and then he was off to an audition. Right before he left for his audition we were excited to get a call from their agent that Sam booked another commercial and it shoots the next day!

After the Mr's audition, he had a commercial shoot. It's highly confidential so I can't share the fine details...but this particular one was extra special because it ended up involving my brother, his wife and a friend, unbeknownst to them. That's truly all I can say about that for now.

Sam had a voice over audition but we had to decline because I had my nephews for my brother and his wife and was responsible for picking them up from school. There was no way we were going to get to LA in time, after picking up the nephews.

After the commercial the Mr. went to get some eats with his friend for a little down time, then was back on the road for rehearsal with his regular improv group. Nope, still not headed home...he then headed to the theater to fill in with some friends in their improv show. He arrived home after midnight.

Wednesday morning the Mr. went to work out and would later head back into Hollywood for his regularly scheduled improv show. I headed to LA to take Sam in to the voice over audition we missed on Tuesday. We needed to be there before 11am. I took a wrong turn, couldn't find parking--all the side streets were permit only. I didn't have quarters for the meters and parallel parking is a weakness. I dropped him off and finally found a very wide space and was able to use my ATM card in the meter. Whew! He was late but they let him read anyway. The lobby was filled with adults, loud, obnoxious ones. We've been there before with other children who were quiet and much more well behaved than these adults. I'm not exaggerating.

I don't usually do this but since we had been rushing and felt frazzled, we stopped for a snack at Starbucks. I got a tea latte and coffee cake, he ordered chocolate milk and oatmeal. I should have had the oatmeal too.

Back home for about an hour and half then we were on our way to Azuza for Sam's commercial shoot. Traffic was good and we arrived about a half hour earlier than necessary. However...I could NOT find the place we were supposed to meet at. After circling for what felt like days I finally figured it out. It was horribly located and no where you'd expect that particular address to be. I called the contact and they were on their way. I noticed the other parents with their kids (aka: "talent") were also there.

Finally someone arrived to take us to the shoot location but for some reason it was determined we would all just follow in our own cars. The other two parents cut out ahead of me and blocked me from pulling out so I was last in the caravan and was also held up at the light. I was pretty irritated by it, honestly. Oh! Did I mention this is a city/town full of large, main ONE WAY streets! So confusing to find your way around. I kept feeling like I was on the wrong side of the road because I was next to the curb on my left hand side.

I made my way back into the caravan and took many deep breathes. We were actually headed up the mountain! The boys were going to do a scene in a tent but I honestly thought it was going to be in someone's back yard! I prayed my way up the mountain, for grace so I could extend more of it and not have a bad attitude toward the other parents, and for protection from those winding mountain roads.

It was actually a lovely location--never mind the graffiti! I made myself friendly to the other parents and they actually seemed nice. Sammy had worked with one of the boys on his Sharkies commercial shoot. I'm sure being in nature helped to calm all our nerves. It would be a great place to hike. There were non-industry people there watching the set woman appeared to be bathing when we arrived.

 The boys hung out along the water's edge before it was time for costumes.

I was surprised to find out I should have had a copy of Sammy's birth certificate and social security card along with his work permit and Coogan Account information. I was not asked for the identifying information on his last shoot. So now I know but it was awkward. I have to make a phone call  today and/or send an email to get that information to the right people ASAP! The other parent from the Sharkies commercial didn't have that information either so I didn't feel too bad about it. 

They were supposed to be in Spain and/or from Spain....and in a tent.

(I don't know why blogger distorts some pictures that are longer rather than wider? arg!)

Sammy looks older in this pic than he actually did---I don't know why he didn't want to SMILE!

Here he is waiting at his mark with the costumer making a few minor adjustments.

Let's just pretend I purposely blurred these shots to preserve the anonymity of strangers I don't have permission to post pix of. :-)

Still a little bit of daylight....

No more daylight....

That is the tiny pup tent they were in. The light on the right hand side is the monitor--it shows the action the camera is shooting. It's a pretty cool piece of equipment. The shoot didn't take but a few hours...then it was back down the mountain, along a winding road with out any street lights. I grabbed us another bite to eat on the way home, since it was almost 7pm by then. Then oh, let's just say another 20 minutes of circling before I realized the street I was looking for had turned into another street name and when I did finally realize I couldn't take it anyway because it was a ONE WAY street headed in the opposite direction!!!!

Finally made it home to take oldest to youth group, late. Come home for about an hour and head back to pick him up....then it was time for the middles and little to go to bed.

Thursday morning I have a personal meeting, then the middles have a teacher's meeting. Sammy will have to miss dance class because of it and then they each have late auditions scheduled for 5:45pm and 7:00pm.

Want to join the business? :)

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  1. Whew girl! That's a lot! ;)
    Sounds like an interesting, fun life though!

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