Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh Priorities

New Year's is such a special time. Everyone feels like it's an opportunity to start fresh. Reflect and reevaluate our lives. What worked? What didn't? What can we change, improve, let go, add more of etc. blah, Blah, BLAH!!!

Here are some great links to check out that I think are fabulous! It's truly about priorities and creating a life that will have an impact, right?

The reason I've specifically chosen the links below is because they are the type of plans and guides that can basically be picked up and started right where you are, regardless of the day or date. No need to play catch-up or think you can't start if it isn't exactly Jan 1st. You can start at ANY time.
What are you waiting for? Get started! :-)

First, I think prayer is the number one life changing act we can participate in, on a daily basis. As wives, it is our responsibility and privilege to lift up our husbands in prayer *daily*.  Here is a free printable prayer guide I absolutely LOVE. You pray each day of the month and then repeat the next month. If you like to write and keep logs you might enjoy this free printable prayer journal that goes along nicely with praying for your Mr.

Children are not forgotten. As mothers, the same obligation applies. And really, what mother DOESN'T call to God each day? Sick kids, explosive diapers or vomit, rainy-stuck-in-the-house-for-3-days anyone?

Here is a free printable prayer calendar of virtues to pray each day for your children. This one is just slightly different and basically the same but I wanted to give you the option.

I print out these calendar pages and store them in my One Year Bible. I LOVE my OYB. Seriously! It makes reading through the Bible so easy. Just start where you are and keep going. Next year, just start over. Personally, having grown up in church, I found it took a good year just to get everyone else's opinions and sermons out of my head while reading. It was so worth it though. Even if you don't have a OYB you can still follow the reading plan. Guess what? There's a free One Year Bible printable schedule for that too!

Of course, decluttering your soul will probably lead to a desire to declutter your life. So here's a link for that too.

This is a great link. A FREE calendar with tasks to do each and every day of the year to keep you DECLUTTERED and on track to enjoying the space you call home. It's absolutely FREE!
A decluttered environment allows creativity to flow freely, thinking to be clear, peace and tranquility.

Hahahaha! Of course NOT! For some reason my mind thinks staying fit is NO fun & lots of boring hard work. However, staying ACTIVE always sounds like fun. I try to avoid *exercise* as much as possible in this life. Honest. But I DO love riding my bike, a lot. I love the outdoors, hiking and {wistful sigh} I even used to love running. I'm not making any promises...but I am determined to be a better pet owner and walk my dogs regularly this year. So far so good!
If you do want to start running, and trust me, you won't regret it, this is the best beginner plan. Really. Hey! No pressure though.

While we're at it....why not create your very own customizable Owl themed calendar? Use card stock to print each months page. Then use a large file clip to hold them together. Flip the ends of the clip upwards to use as a hook to hang on a nail. Easy peasy!

Owl Lover 2012 Calendar

You are beautiful. You are going to have a fabulous year, I just know it! Don't be afraid any longer. You can do this. Relax and CREATE something beautiful. 


  1. These are great. Thank you!

  2. Tami D.2:11 AM

    Great entry..I take a lot from it. Having a newborn (maybe she's an infant now:) I haven't had time to think about the new year so I feel like you gave me the guidance I needed. :). Of course I planned on having a fabulous year already but refreshing mind body and soul in a new year always makes me feel more alive and ambitious for the year to come. Thanks for sharing.


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