Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Morning

We went to the beach this morning instead of church. The Mr. was working on a project with a friend that included the toddler as well. It was quite a drive, to Malibu, past the Getty Villa--which I'd still like to visit. I've been to the Getty but not the villa.

We parked at an awesome spot that included a cliff and trail & tons of stairs down to the beach. I've totally forgotten the name and it's something obvious too. haha. We thought we were in the right place but we weren't. Trying to find the Mr's friend was kind of funny;

"Where are you?"
"At the cliff."
"Ok." traipse along the cliff.
"We can't find you."
"We're at the beach now."
"Ok, we'll head down. We're on the beach, don't see you?"
"We're under the cliff."

 They were at another beach location. Hello, we live on a coastal state--that means the entire 'edge' is a BEACH! haha.

It wasn't too far. The Mr. and the toddler worked their magic and got it done. The middles were happy to spend some time in the sand, building sand castles & {pretending} trying not to get wet at the waters edge. Of course, since I was barely in the sand, I was the ONLY one to get a large blog of tar stuck to the bottom of my foot.
At least the drive is mainly along the coast and that is a very nice view.
I  love living in California, totally LOVE it.
I never want to move.....I don't think.

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