Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Fever

This past week was the last week @ school before Spring Break and whoa was it obvious!  Classmates were so antsy. You could feel the energy on campus. Nervous for finals. Blah and not feeling like going to the last day of classes. Tense due to lack of sleep? haha.

On any given day there are various protest opportunities around campus and clubs and organizations vying for attention. This week the "Christians" were out holding very large signs, clearly intended to get attention. The sad part is they seemed more aimed at provoking controversy rather than conversation. In the past I've witnessed their group consisting of older men, yelling their message to a few students who stood by and laughed at them. This week, it appeared students began to engage and not in pleasant discussion either. There was yelling and thick crowds. This went on for two days. I really wanted to get a closer look but I was always on my way to class and I had finals to study for.

I heard a few classmates talking about the sign holders as well as passer-bys mocking them and giving negative opinions of them.

Thursday, things changed. There were now only a few students on the grassy area with no crowds. They were holding poster board sized signs that stated: "I am sorry for judging you" and "I am sorry for not loving you like Christ does." I really wanted to go and talk to those students and find out if they were a part of the previous days sign holders or if they were different Christ loving students that disagreed with the others 'methods'. Again, I simply didn't have time.

On a lighter note, the spring fever was definitely on display in one of my classes. Everyone was in a silly mood and energy was high. One classmate decided to sit somewhere different on this last day of the ninth week of class. Those of us in the classroom decided we should ALL sit in a different seat and maybe the professor would arrive and be freaked out. Every time another classmate arrived, we peer-pressured them into sitting in a completely different seat. Finally our professor arrived, to find a student sitting at his front desk. He was a good sport about it. He finally admitted he was totally freaked out because he kept looking for us in our usual seats but we were all in different seats. Mission accomplished!

After next week's break, I will only have seven more weeks of classes. I ordered my graduation cap and gown last week too. I am so excited to be graduating but at the same time I feel sad. I feel like it's just too soon. I'm sure I'd feel different if I had attended this school since I was a freshmen or even if it was for at least four semesters and not just three. I feel like I've just finally got the 'hang of it' and it's about to end. I've made a few friends and I keep thinking there are so many other people on this campus I could potentially meet and haven't yet.

There are professors that I love but barely know. I feel like I've barely hit the tip of the iceberg with how much I could glean from these fantastic teachers. I will really miss the writing workshops, of course.  I've learned so much in the writing process from having my own work critiqued as well as critiquing others. It is ridiculous how helpful it is. I wish I could have another semester, at least of writing workshops. sigh.

I have been so blessed to be able to have this opportunity. Especially at this time in my life. Two more months and it will be over....for now. I'm excited about some opportunities that are already arising...I only need to make sure I *follow-through*!

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