Monday, April 16, 2012

There once was a girl...

...who felt tarnished. She had a daughter and gave her a name that meant 'pure'.

Her actions gave away her feelings. She walked with an air of guilt. It betrayed her when she thought she had hidden it so well. She worked so hard to escape from the shadow of her scarlet letter. Very hard. It was always behind her, haunting her. No matter how far away it was, it would never leave her fully.

She was young, naive. So many dreams and potential in her heart. One slip and there she was. Stained. "Out, out damn spot!"

She felt weak. She was scared when she went into labor. Too young and the one she expected to be near, was not. When she birthed her daughter, she gave all the strength she thought she didn't have, to her. She meant well with her words, but they were motivated by fear. She looked back and she saw the stain, she looked forward and the fear engulfed her once again.

The name.

The power was in the name.

Purity. The blessing. A curse may have been intended but the power of the blessing, broke the power of the curse, to be felt. Instead there was an air of innocence that could never be taken. Though some would try. The stain would not be hers. She would escape the past that had haunted her mother. She did not feel though, that she could escape the boundaries of fear. She kept herself close and hidden. She could never dance freely and delight uninhibited.

There once was a girl...

...who felt trapped. She had a daughter and gave her a name that meant 'freedom'.

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