Sunday, June 17, 2012

ER Visit

This sweet lil' fella of mine had a very rough night last night. He woke up every hour between 1:00 am and 3:00 am shaking and somewhat incoherent and possibly hallucinating. He had a fever too. He would wake up and look at me and smile and then sort of gasp and jump and look in another direction and have a complete look of fear on his face.

Each time got worse and worse and he would cry out for his daddy. At one point he even told me there were 'monsters' and another time I asked: "Kurtis, can you see me?" He was looking right at me but he responded: "No, turn on the light." I had to try and sleep the rest of the night with the light on. It was scary for me to witness. The last time he woke up it was 3:33am and he vomited a little.

By morning I knew we would not be going to church--we were all exhausted. He was sleeping more soundly but the fever was getting worse. Eventually I woke him up and took him to the ER and upon arrival his temperature was 103!!! We didn't have to wait very long. This was the first time I've ever taken one of my children to the ER by myself--guess I'm an official grown-up now? lol

They examined him manually and didn't see any issues with ears or throat, no swollen glands. They gave him half of a very small pill for the vomiting--which I don't think was ever really an issue-and something for the fever.

He was very excited to drink a box of apple juice. When the nurse removed the trash he said, "I think she is going to get me more. I want more." He was so sweet--the nurse did bring a juice box 'to go' before we left. He certainly wasn't happy to be there. He cried when I put him on the bed and when they wanted to examine him and give him the tylenol. He kept asking me to hold him.

Look at those sweet eyelashes! It certainly wasn't how anyone expected Father's Day to go. The Mr. was at the beach w/ the middles. When I brought Kurtis home, he immediately went back to sleep for the rest of the day.

Later, when they beach-goers returned to change, he joined them and went to Nana's house. Later in the evening, I could tell his fever was returning.

We had to force him to take acetaminophen again. His fever had  climbed back up to 101.7.

Hopefully whatever this is clears up soon and/or resolves itself. I'm so tired. I also slept most of the afternoon.

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