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Serious folks. It can't get easier than this unless you STAY HOME! I love camping & I love camping with kids. Actually, the Mr & I have never 'camped' with out the kids so I don't know if it would be as fun or not? haha. In honor of summer I am going to start a series on camping with kids.

This menu is simply going for the EASY factor and does not take into consideration food allergies or special diet. It's 'fairly' healthy--but IS easy. This menu also requires little to no prep besides packing it. You pretty much just grocery shop & then pack it up!


Yogurt Parfait: yogurt (we prefer Greek), granola + fruit: strawberries & blueberries are favs.
bagel + cream cheese
choice of snack listed below (I recommend the fig bars)

peanut butter & banana sandwich (bread + peanut butter + banana)
individual bag of chips (I like Sun chips!)
fruit: apple or orange
carrot sticks
snack (I recommend trail mix/peanuts or pb crackers)

hot dog roasted over fire pit (hot dogs + bun + condiments)
individual bag of chips
fruit: apple or orange or banana
dessert; roasted marshmallows/s'mores

trail mix (I do buy this in bulk & store in a container)
peanut butter crackers (individual serving packs)
granola bar/Fig Bars  (I LOVE these %100 all natural bars from Nature's Bakery)

This menu does not even need much in the way of cutlery or disposable paper goods.
ONLY: spoons, cups, napkins & knives to spread the cream cheese...but in a pinch you could use a spoon for that. 
The yogurt can be served into a cup & eaten with a spoon. Lunch and dinner can be eaten from a plate or around the camp fire with a napkin.

We only drink water mainly but you can substitute fruit juice or tea if you make it ahead.

Most everything on this menu is self contained--like the fruit.

If you want to put a little more effort, you can chop the fruit ahead of time and store in a container or larger zip loc bag. This is strictly a 'convenience' preference.  All containers should be *square* shaped containers. It is the most space efficient shape. I don't normally purchase individual serving sizes of anything but for an easy camping trip, I did/do.

Ice can be tedious & messy. Most foods can be frozen *ahead of time* in lieu of an ice chest full of heavy melted ice. I take a minimum of 2 gallon size jugs of water and freeze them ahead of time. Don't get the milk jug shape jugs, get the taller, rectangular jugs--better use of space in your ice chest. The yogurt, strawberries & blueberries, the hotdogs & even the buns & bread can also be frozen ahead of time and then added to the ice chest, when you pack it, right before leaving. If you are a little more lenient in your food choices, you can purchase cold cereal, which can be eaten with yogurt--no need to bring milk.

When you arrive, or by the second day, you can then purchase ice if you need too.
Check out your campsite online *before* you go, for water availability. If there is access you shouldn't need to bring much more than extra water bottles. For example, the Grand Canyon National Park has water refill stations (& the water is yummy too!) through out & strongly encourages the use of reusable water bottles.

Come back next time for another menu that takes a little more effort and cooking but is STILL simple.

What are your favorite camping menu items?

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