Sunday, July 22, 2012

What the!?!

It's been a crazy week for me personally, been in the mountains all week for middle's auditions & an appointment I had--didn't even realize there WERE mountains in Hollywood--well duh! The big sign is on a mountain. haha.

Friday night was the definition of crazy! After the Mr. dropped off kids--this rowdy MOB of "kids" (highschool age or young adults) walks by our house & tosses one of our trash cans OVER the fence into the back yard, making a mess. The *mom* in me goes outside to confront & find out WHO is gonna take responsibility & clean up the mess.

These "kids" got CRAZY! My son was already heading out to confront them & they went berzerk! They totally WANTED to fight & were all up in my son's face, everyone screaming. I go over to try & settle things & break it up & then I've got 3 ON ME!

This one girl was IN MY FACE--literally our faces touching & her body is all up on me & she's cussing me out & screaming. It was insane.

Then suddenly out of nowhere--literally like SuperMan--the Mr shows up!!! Ironically, he *was* wearing a Superman shirt. haha.

Well, when the Mr. left he didn't hear the 3yo calling him from the window of the house. I text-message him that 3yo was hollering for him--cause he started crying when daddy drove away. I don't know why I really did that--cause it makes no sense. By the time I had finished the text, 3yo was already distracted and on to something else. So I didn't think much of it at the time.

Well, he felt prompted, I guess, to turn around & come back.

So when he pulled up he sees this crazy mob & heads into the fray. The crowd immediately backed up BUT THEN came right back in. In the Mr.'s face, my face, oldest's face. Total chaos.

Oldest finally starts trying to pull me & the Mr. back, so we can just walk away & these kids will NOT let us. The girl comes around & blocks me & is screaming in my face, cussing me out more, pushing me w/ her body--AND accusing US of hitting them, grabbing her hair, etc...but we're doing NOTHING. I mean--seriously--it was totally insane...and completely fascinating. The same instigating girl is up on the Mr. too--pushing him with her body--obviously there is nothing we can do since we are adults & I'm suspecting (but unsure) these 'kids' are under-age. What's the Mr. gonna really do to a *girl* anyway?

So we're still trying to walk away & someone trips oldest, someone else spits on the Mr. & oldest!!! Here we go again...I'm trying to get between people. Oldest is trying to get between us and these kids, and they're screaming for him not to touch her/them/him. AS IF we are the ones assaulting them!?!

Instinctively at one point I grab the Mr.'s hand to try & pull him away.

They are finally leaving, I guess when they realize we are NOT really going to physically engage but they're screaming all the way down the street.

The Mr. wants to take off to follow them & find them--@ least find out where THEY live...kwim? I send oldest w/ him--cause who knows WHAT could happen. They find the "kids" & tell them to "stay put cause the police want to take their statement". haha. ;) They are still confrontational and defensive, that they "didn't do anything." The Mr. replies: "You assaulted MY WIFE!" (trying to scare them, I think) The "kids" back down from being confrontational & scatter off running. ;)

All of this, in my mind, lasted about 20 minutes. It turns out, it was probably more like 5 minutes! It certainly felt like eternity. When oldest & the Mr. took off to find the kids, I call my brother to ask him to pray over this madness. As I was talking to him--they pull up. My brother shows up--from work--about 5 minutes later. I love my family!

So then the Mr. is off to a show & I wish him luck.

WOWzers--never a dull moment here.

I am SO glad the Mr. decided to come back...I truly believe God orchestrated each little piece of this situation. I never felt afraid BUT I certainly felt much more secure when the Mr. showed up.

Praise God for keeping us safe. All I could think of was THIS verse: Gen 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done...

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