Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I learned from The Hobbit Movie

1. When you think the wizard's abandoned you right in the thick of the battle--really he is finding the way of escape.

2. You can't assume you've killed your enemy just because you wounded him.

3. When you can't see the path ahead--that will be the one the wizard asks you to take.

4. Adventures often require giving up the luxuries & comforts of home--like handkerchiefs.

5. The wizard knows, even before you do, that you will accept the challenge & will even bet on it.

6. Sometimes you have to lay down your pride & ask for help, from those you don't think will help you.

7. You can be sure the wizard is going to take you to the very place you are determined not to go.

8. Hoarding gold can cost you your kingdom.

9. Being rescued by giant eagles is pretty awesome!

10. There is a time to share all the information and a time to keep some information quiet-the wizard knows the difference.

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