Monday, April 29, 2013

It's STILL the season of Restoration

Do NOT be discouraged. Crazy stuff (the good kind of crazy) is happening all around. God IS lining it all up, beyond your imagination. HOLD tight to ALL those prophetic words, personal promises, scriptures etc that God has spoken to you. Hold them close to your heart.

I could make a LONG list of 'restoration' events and situations that have happen to me recently and this past year. Each time I am SO amazed. GIVE thanks. BE ready. In season and out. We TRULY have NO idea just HOW freaking CRAZY God is. And the CRAZY Love He has for us.

He KNOWS the desires of your HEART. NOT just what you are praying for--but the deep, true, desires you have...even if you aren't praying them--even when your prayers contradict--even when you have no idea you desire it--HE knows. And that is what He is working to accomplish.

Be OPEN to receive ALL that God has for you. He is UNlimited! Don't limit Him to your own ideas and imaginations of how your life, marriage, family, job etc will be. He WILL do above and beyond what you can possibly imagine. He desires WHOLENESS for you, for your {future} spouse, for your family--ALL your family. 

"Restoration" is for EVERY aspect of your life! He wants it ALL! Surrender to Him. Let go of the fear. He wants the BEST for you.

Be strong & courageous. Do NOT give up. Surrender to the *process*.
 ♥ ♥ ♥

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