Friday, August 9, 2013

Waiting Through the Black Out

Last night I went to an outdoor play. After intermission, the lights lost power. The audience lights would come on but not the stage lights and specials. Then even those would go out again. It was frustrating. When they finally came back on the 1st time--everyone cheered. But we didn't know it was only the audience lights & not the stage lights. Each time they came back on after that, no one cheered. 

We went through this a few times.

Some people began leaving. Finally the producer came out & told us they figured out the issue and got everything working again and the show would resume shortly. It still took awhile. It was uncomfortable, getting later, the ground was wet with dew, muscles were stiff from sitting so long. I personally began to wonder if I wanted to keep waiting. 

I already knew the story (Wizard of Oz). I know how it ends. I wasn't sure anymore if it was worth waiting, to physically watch it unfold. But I KNEW it was my all-time favorite movie and now I had an opportunity to watch it LIVE, on stage. Who knows when I would have that opportunity again...if ever? I didn't even voice my doubts and concerns to my family. If I mentioned my wavering in giving up--it would be far too easy for them to start to decide they were tired of waiting too.

We stayed and I nearly cried at the end. We know the story...Dorothy finally realizes THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME...and is reunited with her family.

The lights might be out right now. You may have experienced some false starts CAN choose to leave and give up. You might feel like it's not worth waiting for anymore. The end of the 'show' no longer excites you, doesn't feel worth it. 

Even after reassurance from the producer, that the problem was fixed...the lights did not immediately come back on and the show did NOT immediately resume. All we had to go on was the WORD of the producer that everything was going to be ok. There certainly wasn't anything WE could do to help or fix the situation. 

The producer was right though. The lights did eventually, permanently come back on. The show DID resume...and it was fabulous. Just like Dorothy had to figure it out on her own. Her family couldn't help her 'get home'. But in the end she DOES buut not a moment before she realizes that: there's NO place like HOME. If I had given up and left...I wouldn't even have been able to share this with you right now.

Stay strong brothers & sisters. The show MUST go on. Keep praying.  

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