Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When You Wake Up Fighting the Day

Fighting for truth. 
Fighting for love.
Fighting to maintain your composure.

Fighting to keep momentum.
Fighting to not move backward.
Fighting to move forward.
Fighting to stay positive.
Fighting against negative thought patterns.
Fighting, fighting, fighting...

I stayed quiet. Fought back unexplainable tears...again.

Fighting to see the positive.
Fighting to refocus and stay focused.
Fighting for vision and clarity.


Then I heard Him.
There was nothing to fight anymore.
He gave me His perspective.
A conversation and there it was. HIS perspective.

Asking in the stillness.
Stillness in the asking.
Stillness is the asking.

All is well.

We CAN ask Him to show us. To refocus us. To turn our minds toward what we need to see. To open up perspective. He is faithful. He will answer. He will do it. Asking is prayer. Keep praying brothers & sisters.

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