Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If You Knew...

He asked her for a drink. He asked her to serve Him.
He asked that outcast, that Samaritan, that woman.

Who was this man?
Bold enough? Brave enough? Stupid enough, to speak to her. To inquire something of her.

She didn't know Him. Though she had known others. At least five of those others, she had married.
He knew she knew others. He knew the most current, she wasn't married to. He told her He knew and yet...he continued to converse with her.

If she knew who was speaking to her...If she really knew, in the way He knew, her...

It's the knowing. There is something in the knowing.
We long to be known. Who can know another, really? We only know what they are willing to share but we desire it. We crave it. We crave the connection. We desire someone to crave us. To connect with us, deeply.

But He knew and He didn't run away. Like the others.

How could He have known about the others?  The way He knew her, filling that longing in her heart and soul. Finally, there was one, at least one, that knew her. He knew her.
When He knows us. When we realize He knows us. We change. 
He calls us. He recognizes us but calls us anyway. Before we even fully recognize Him. 

IF we really knew Christ ... knew who it was that was asking us to serve SERVE, HIM. If we KNEW. A woman of scorn, shame, of whoredom? Of brokenness? Was being ASKED to serve Christ. Even before she really knew Him...she was being called...
And most likely before she even truly knew Him, went out evangelizing about HIM to her town, the peers that had scorned, shamed and abused her...and they were ALL saved...They all became known.
There is something in the KNOWING...IF WE KNEW. If we only knew...

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