Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Unfairness of Grace part 2: Extravagant Injustice

Grace is unfair
So you tell me; My spouse has left, running around with someone new, living the high life. Suddenly, extreme grace doesn't look so attractive anymore. Maybe it’s not revenge, exactly…but hey, some form of payment would be nice. Ok, let’s call it a “consequence.” Surely, God won’t let them get away with hurting ME like this. Will He?

I’ve been in those moments, of being more concerned with having my hurt validated than by trusting and watching the amazing power of grace. How can you forgive something like that? How can you forgive it again? How many times are you going to go through this?

Injustice: Grace blesses your enemies

The truth is, I can’t forgive anything. God can. He did. He is the one who sacrificed, not me. That is grace. I don’t have to wish ill upon my spouse or anyone else. In fact, the Bible clearly instructs us to BLESS our enemies and not to curse them. If consequences were so important, why would God ask us to bless our enemies? Bless the source of our pain and heart ache? Bless those that curse us?

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