Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflective Exercises to Release the Year

1. 5 Minutes of Memories
Set a time for 5 min. Without any preplanning, begin to write everything you would WANT to remember from the past year...as if you were to get amnesia tomorrow. You only have 5 minutes. 

It is interesting to note and reflect on what came up and what have even been forgotten, when the pressure was on. Read into it what you may. 

2. Thankful List
This can go one forever, setting a timer is wise. Make a list of all you have to be thankful for this year.

2A. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to the Almighty one. Stick to ONLY praises at this time.

3. What you accomplished, learn, are proud of, over came...this year.
Yes, it's time to take credit for everything you have done RIGHT! Learning is a process and overcoming challenges gets credit! Take inventory and write it down. 

4. Bring to Light-meditation
Say a prayer asking God to reveal or bring to light anything that needs to be dealt with: resentment, unforgiveness, unconfessed sin, failures etc. This is not for condemnation but for *release*. Now meditate/listen for the Lord to speak to you, via a picture/vision, thought, sense or feeling, or a memory.

4A. After meditating (listening to the Lord)...WRITE down what the Lord revealed to you, whatever came to mind. Don't spend too much time on this either, don't stare at it, don't memorize it!

5. Release
Take your list from #4 to a safe place to burn. (I like to tear mine up into as many pieces as possible too) We used our outdoor fire pit. Drop all pieces into the fire. Optional: Anoint yourself (or hands) before hand, if you like, so your paper will be anointed.

5A. Say a prayer of RELEASE! Pray repentance for your own faults, failures, etc. Thank the Lord for his sacrifice in your place. Pray blessings upon your enemies, pray a release from all bondages of unforgiveness. Pray that any and all of your offenders are released from any sense of entitlement to retribution, repayment, obligation and unforgiveness. Declare them forgiven, released, free and clear--as their debts have been paid on the cross and they owe you nothing. Thank the Lord for forgiveness of your own sin. Open your hands and pray to now receive all that the Lord has for you, favor, prosperity, future and hope etc...

6. Decree and Declare
In the name of Jesus, write out a declaration for the new year...your hopes and dreams, blessings according to His word, IN FAITH. Whatever comes to mind. It's almost like a *mission statement* for your year. Include blessings over yourself, your family, your business, your household, employment and relationships.

*Bonus: Pray, ask and meditate (listen to the Lord) for a *word* (like an actual ONE word--though it could be a bible verse too) or *theme* (like a title) for this year. Receive it as a promise and prophetic blessing for your year.   

These are just ideas. Feel free to personalize. Be inspired. I've done *some* form of this every year. 

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