Saturday, March 1, 2014

Son of God Movie Review pt 1

WOW! The youth group had a movie night out--I took my 11.5 yo daughter. I told her not to look for a few scenes...she didn't cry at all...BUT whoa--I was bawling. Emotionally detoxing movie for sure.

I was tearing up within the first 5 min--seeing all the disciples. ANYWAY--it's based off of a series that was on the History channel...they sort of condensed the series into a was really well done.
Remember, we're all actors (my family) so though I can be critical, I am ok with 'Bible based' films that come out of Hollywood and I don't expect Biblical precision. This film was one of the best, I've seen. A few cheesy moments (IMO) but over all, very well done. Such realism.

Just like reading a book and then you watch the movie made me feel so happy and though, it's sad to see what our savior endured--it's still beautiful and amazing because you grasp his LOVE for us. 

For me, this film was so encouraging and perfect to REALLY get my head in the right frame of mind NOW. Life IS beautiful. It's ALL about Christ-ALL of it. Nothing else matters. This short life, our marriages, good or bad, a good marriage is nice--but in the end really--IT DOESN'T MATTER! Marriage is NOT the be all to end all.

I don't say this lightly--remember LOVE is the theme of my life! But God's love transcends anything we could ever desire or imagine. I don't like paying the high price for movies--but I really felt seeing this on the BIG screen was SO worth it. 

Get a sitter, grab a gf or best guy bud, take the tissues and watch this movie. Don't worry about it not having exact dialogue and every miracle--it's OVER 2 hours long--can't fit in everything. But embrace the ESSENCE of it--the MESSAGE it's trying to convey--GOD LOVES you. Jesus IS the Son of GOD. HE is the way, the truth, the life...And He says it numerous times through out the film: DO NOT BE AFRAID! 

{BTW: It's not nearly as graphic & violent as The Passion--but it IS rated PG 13--use discretion if you are interested in taking your kids. It STILL gives weight to the violence Christ endured and His blood that was shed.}

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