Sunday, June 15, 2014

Faith Not Fear

No! You are NOT going out like that! This is NOT how it ends!
Today was harder than I expected. I started the day by over-sleeping, which NEVER happens, lately I've been waking up *earlier* than usual, like before 7am! Today I woke up at 9:15 am when we leave at 9:30am to get to, of course we were late.
My husband came and got our kids laptop kept tripping so I never got to print the cute Father's day cards I planned to give him! They all left and I just broke down. Felt more like crawling into bed rather than attend night church alone. So many tears...
I forced myself to go and prayed for all of us and our hurting children...many, many more tears. Worshipping anyway...tears, tears, tears...BUT....
Such an encouraging message! To have FAITH NOT FEAR! To NOT give up! The pastor got up to speak but didn't...called us to press in and worship more! Wow! What a challenge to push beyond myself, my own pain, hurt and brokenness, to surrender my whole heart and CHOOSE to WORSHIP instead. Hallelujah!
God IS faithful. In the broken surrender, the break through comes. It truly shines in the darkness. A heart worships in hope that the words sung, become a truth. And they do. The joy bursts forth, over shadowing those tears of sorrow. Strength is restored for tomorrow.

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