Thursday, June 26, 2014

Like Old Times

It could have almost felt like old times if not for that last moment the Mr. walked around the table giving each individual kid a kiss and hug with an 'I Love You,' before he left to return to work...stopping short to offer a 'see you later' in MY direction. 
He specifically asked what our plans were for S's birthday yesterday...and asked if we could meet him for lunch so he could see Sam on is birthday since he might have to work late, missing his 'visitation' (gosh how I despise that word!). He forgot Sam's birthday card so he also asked me to take them all by his work so he could give it to him. I stayed in the car but I knew he would walk the kids back out anyway, to say goodbye.

I maintained my SELF. As it's sometimes confusing to know just how to behave in these unknown situations, isn't it? So I smiled and listened to him talk about his morning at work...I keep the appropriate guard over my own heart until it's time to 'awaken love' per God's instructions in Song of Solomon. 
'...and they all enjoyed their lunch, as if they were an ordinary, happy family, on an ordinary, summer their smiles hid the invisible ache of their hearts.'

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  1. Tami D6:52 AM

    I like reading your blog but dislike the content sometimes. In all honesty, I'm so sad for you!! It breaks my heart as your friend. But you are the ultimate pillar of strength!! You my friend are the example we will all turn to in times of hardship. You endure for your family and sacrifice so much. You are the mother that your children will thank you for being.


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