Friday, June 20, 2014


THIS was the THEME of my week, ALL week: SURRENDER! That verse about how WE make our plans BUT God directs our steps kept coming to mind. *I* have somewhat of a weekly summer routine. Everyday this week, my plans were thrown off. I usually consider myself very *flexible* but wow was it a challenge. 

I started to get it by Wednesday, for Bird's birthday...I was about to get upset, literally stopped and said a prayer aloud: God I surrender to YOUR plans. It's NOT my day, this is YOUR day so YOUR will be done! But it didn't quit...Even today I had plans and they did NOT work out. sigh. 

I drove all the way out to the labor dept that offers immediate/walk-in/same-day entertainment work permits. I considered waiting until MONDAY but thought, NO, I am going to BEAT this procrastination and just get it done! 

Maps ha
s it as 45min drive...mid-day, it took about an hour! Ok whatever. The traffic was on OUR side, so figured it would be easier getting home.

Turns out you can not renew a work permit earlier than 30 days in ONE kid got his and the other 2? I was 2 days too early! So MONDAY would have been PERFECT! Again whatever. So we head home, it's 1:50pm, oldest has to be at work by 3pm. NO worries.

The freeway was PACKED all the the way back. Seriously the traffic was ONLY on OUR side and OUR lanes. haha. He was totally LATE to work.  I felt so bad. He was like an hour late by the time we stopped at the house so he could call and he finally arrived.  We were ALL so drained. It took 1.5 hours to get home.
Later we went to the park to watch an outdoor movie. To top it off in the most ridiculous fashion...we got lost in the local neighborhood, trying to find our car! (there's a lesson worth blogging about later in that, for sure)

Even today...I had to surrender to God's plan, regardless of my own. Surrender is an act of faith for sure. We give up control. When we do, though, we experience peace and freedom. The strife and struggle to make things happen and control a situation, disappears. Surrendering to Christ says; 
I continue to trust God in all matters. It's a good place to be.

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