Monday, September 1, 2014

The Road to Freedom

Wow...the road away from dysfunction and toward health is hard and painful...very painful at times. Having such hard talks with my kids this weekend...You know the path to healing requires honesty-admitting what is or has been broken.
Walking around with a broken leg, insisting you don't need a doctor and all is well...only exacerbates the problem and leaves you with an improperly healed leg...a permanent disability.
It's painful to admit what we have been requires admitting that we have been hurt at times...physically, emotionally, mentally.  I made mistakes and didn't protect them how I should have. Didn't protect myself. I was confused. I didn't take some situations serious enough...
I can't go back and change the past. We are finally brave enough to be honest with ourselves and each other and admit help is needed. It wounds deeply, it sux beyond measure.
If we remain dishonest. then we block forgiveness and healing. We must admit offenses that have been perpetrated against us so that we can engage in forgiveness. To deny an offense, is to deny true forgiveness. When we release forgiveness, we open our heart to healing and allow love to come where only pain held the space before. There is where we find freedom!

I am taking one step at a time...this is the step we were strong enough to take this weekend----> Honesty.

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