Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweenie!

We did this last year and it was a big hit. I want my children to not be self centered, to learn to serve others willingly.

I've also, always thought of Halloween as such a wonderful opportunity to bless so many people at one many other times do you have random strangers coming to YOUR door, willingly?

With those thoughts in mind, we turned up the music, brought the 'party' outside and set up a canopy and tables to serve and love our community and neighborhood.

Last year it was chili, this year it was weenies! aka hotdogs. We had nearly 100 hotdogs and we gave  away about
 all of them, minus a few we ate ourselves, to complete strangers. We had to shut it down by 8:30, which I felt was pretty early.

Then we walked around our neighborhood 'trick-R-treating' but most homes were not giving out candy at all, which was strange. Plus, it started pouring rain. That was fun for a little while. I am so proud of my kids. Not one complaint. Even Kurtis really enjoyed climbing up in the front tree 'hiding' and 'scaring' people. Which meant most people did not see him until he made some funny voice that a 5yo would consider creepy and then they saw him. It was hilarious.

The rain was quite nice actually. A great way to usher in a new month. I have great expectations for this month of 'thanksgiving'.

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  1. That's so cool!!! What a great way to spend Halloween with your kids, and what a fun mom you are :)


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