Friday, January 23, 2015

We Went Whale Watching!

That was a great alliteration. lol A sweet friend from church treated us all to a whale watching trip. It was aMAZing! We had so much fun. It was like being in Las Vegas, the way you're watching all over, hoping a whale is going to show up, one person sees something, everyone runs to that side of the boat, then BAM! Everyone is squealing and oohhing and awing in wonder over the whale sighting.

We saw humpbacks and grey whales. We also saw dolphins, sea lions, huge pelicans and other sea birds. It was a gorgeous winter day in California. We have never done anything like this before, it was such a blessing.

She also treated us to lunch at Ruby's. Being on the water was so relaxing, it was worth missing our regular Friday Hike Day to see these wonderful creatures.

At one point, the dolphins were swimming toward us and seemed to disappear under the boat. It was a sweet moment when the 5yo, Kurtis was the one to first spot them, under the water, swimming alongside the boat. He was so excited and I was grateful to witness his excitement in that moment. Priceless.

We couldn't get close to the grey whale because it was a mother (cow) with her calf. The captain did not want to disturb or scare them. I had no idea that a calf can gain 25-75lbs a DAY after birth! Crikey!!
Birdy looks like such a little girl in this pic, making a funny face.

When we weren't watching for whale sightings, we were able to relax and take in the peace of the ocean. There were paddle boarders and private boats, right next to the humpback whales. I can't imagine how exciting that must have be so up close and personal.

The humpbacks actually came out of the water, a few times, nose up, to get food. They also came out in a half moon formation, diving back under with a wave of their tale.

I couldn't get very good pictures with phone and a few of the best moments will remain hidden in the memory of my heart forever. I think, maybe, it's meant to be that way sometimes.

Afterward, we stopped at a little coffee shop as Christine treated us again to drinks. I had a tea latte and the server created mine with the foamy milk in the shape of a heart. Just another reminder of how blessed and surrounded by love I am, everywhere I go.

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  1. Those shots that you took on your adventure really tell a story. I would really like to take my two sons on a whale watching trip like yours. I'd like them to learn early on the beauty of the ocean. The right of sea life to exist peacefully without pollution. Watching those majestic creatures should imprint this on them for life.


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