Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Glimpse into My UNedited life!

Every month or so I create a fresh set-up for, what I have nick-named, my little spot.

It's one bit of wall space that has a shelf I can use as a faux mantle. I love looking at it.

I feel lovely when I see it decorated and displaying fresh works of art from my kids.

I've been a bit behind since Valentine's. There was a quick set-up for the Oscar's and since then it's been a bit...blank and empty, to tell the truth.

This set-up features a water-color bird of paradise by my 14yo on the left and a water color pencil rocket by my 5yo on the right.

To be even MORE honest...this is what that lovely little spot looks like with out the cropping and editing!

I present to you, my sewing desk!

THAT is my real life, in all it's post-barf-A-rama-glory. My life that ISN'T all together. ISN'T picture perfect. This is a glimpse of what it *really* looks like beyond the frame.

We can edit and crop our lives to look sweet and put together. We can post pix of smiling kids to our social media all day. No one has it all together, all the time, every day.

We have enough pressure on ourselves as mothers and females in general, to compare and live up to a picture perfect social media life. This is me.

The simple banner and springy arrangement was my victorious accomplishment for today...after a few sleepless, vomitrocious nights. It is enough.

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