Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday!

So here is my average Monday routine...I don't ever call it Manic Monday because I want to have a good attitude about it. haha. It does tend to feel rather crazy though.
Morning Fit Camp
We started back to morning work-outs today. Bright and early, 8:30 am and we even arrived on time! That was close to a miracle already. After that it was back home for showers, breakfast, some schoolwork and getting things together to take in the car and for art class--OH but first a stop at the grocery store for a tub of yogurt and a bit of granola. That sounded more refreshing to the middles than eggs I guess.
Today was also a day the 5yo spends with the Mr. That involved packing his school bag, creating assignments, getting him up and dressed WITH teeth brushed for longer than 2 seconds.
Basic home chores

The middles and I also squeezed in a few extra chores. We left at noon to get big brother/oldest to work by 12:30pm, though the middles and youngest class does not start until 1:00pm. Hence, the school supplies for the car. I try to have them take advantage of 'extra time', otherwise, they tend to believe they don't have enough time to do schoolwork, reading especially. I check my tutoring schedule and catch up on business emails from the car before class.

While they are in art class, another mom and I use the time to walk the neighborhood or local beach while catching up and praying. Today we tracked ourselves at 4.8 miles burning 666 calories in just under 1.5 hours. 
Trip to the library

After art class we head on over to my second part time job--where we each get to play Cinderella and clean a local hair salon. That includes sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, restroom cleaning, taking out the trash and replacing bags, you get the idea.

I had an extra errand I had to squeeze in--a quick trip to the library to check out books about Martin Luther King Jr, so the middles could write a research paper or essay, as both of their history texts are covering the civil rights movement. At the same time, I stopped at the mall to drop oldest off at Target so he could get toiletries he needed.

Work at the tutoring center.

Rushing home to get ready for job #1--the tutoring center. It was a nice and warm day, I needed a shower from both the work outs. I had just under an hour now to get ready and at least start dinner for my dinner delivery plus prepare for my Monday tutoring client--an extremely busy preschooler. The middles helped finish dinner up. I drove instead of walked to work this evening since we had play rehearsal right after work.
Play rehearsal.
Dinner delivery cancelled due to my own lack of notice which worked out--I ate the delicious Teriyaki chicken salad when I arrived at rehearsal. My tutoring session is 5-6pm and rehearsal is 6-7:30 pm. Birdy met me at the tutoring center and I was out the door by 6:05, arriving at rehearsal about 6:10pm.

It went well. Birdy then heads across the parking lot to choir practice. It actually starts at 7:00 pm but due to play rehearsal, the children in both the play and choir, arrive late. My friend, the choir director is kind enough to bring Bird home afterward.

I am finally back home for good and I feel pretty Monday wasted. I walk in and my 5yo is "enthusiastic" to put it mildly, from not seeing me all day and wants all my undivided attention-he and the 14yo are both eating popsicles. My five year old puts on a pouty face, "I don't even like this popsicle though!"

 "Show me your new jump rope! Did you learn to jump?" I change the subject,  knowing the Mr purchased one because I asked, so I can record a new PE skill learned and to go along with a rhyming poem I found about jumping rope.

He hands me the popsicle. I put it away in the freezer and never remind him about it later. He demonstrates his new jumping rope skill. I read him the poem and we repeat it a few times. He insists I read all the poems...I skip a few pages with out him knowing. I talk him into taking a bath. My 14yyo swears he's hungry again and starving. 

I veg out a bit until the 5yo cries, "I can't wash my hair, it's too hard." I wash him up. "Ok, love you, go to bed now--your own bed." Later I find him asleep in usual.

Happy Monday.

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