Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Little Corona Beach, Newport Beach

Hiking Crew
Free parking can be found in the neighborhood adjacent to the beach. You might have to circle a few times to find it though. There are restrooms and showers about halfway down the asphalt road that leads to the beach. It's a very easy walk.

This beach is absolutely gorgeous and offers amazing views of the coastline.

Our gorgeous view this afternoon.
Once you are on the small beach, it can feel cozy. If the weather cooperates and the tide is low, you can explore the tide pools. California water has been warm this season and that has created some changes in the eco system along the coast. Many star fish have died, leaving barren tide pools. That was a total bummer but hey...when can you ever complain about a day at the beach, right?

Love is everywhere.
Low on the adventure scale due to the lack of sea life. You will see crabs and if you're lucky a sea anemone or two.

In my favorite hiking skirt and flip flops...of course.
If you don't mind pushing a stroller up the steep walk way on the return, this can be considered stroller friendly. 

Think of it more as a short walk to the beach instead of a hike though, to be honest.

Adventure Moms

Adventures are always more fun with friends.

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