Thursday, July 30, 2015

Super Tutor Thursday: Pirate

I forgot to take pictures of the language arts and math assignments we did today. Boo!

We did a creative writing prompt/story starter using a free printable with a pirate theme. We're very good at adjusting according to the students needs and with that in mind, some students were given the story starter hand-out and some were given lined paper with a gorgeous blue pirate map picture across the top as the only input. The map was a beautiful blue with blue lines to match. I created it myself.

We found color by number worksheets with pirate themed pictures in addition and another with multiplication, also given according to the students abilities.

Another language arts exercise was to describe me, as a pirate, then write about the pirate character they had created in their description. They all loved the pirate and had been waiting for week since I had thought I was going to be the pirate sooner.

It's not a big deal but it gives the students something to look forward to each week and adds a little fun and something different.

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