Sunday, August 23, 2015

Church Lady: Black & White

The temperature has dropped enough to wear a least for a little while. I pulled out a black, A-line skirt (hand-me-down) with an embroidered design along the front side.

Paired with a plain grey tank top and refashioned white cardigan (it was originally a plain sweater) worn with a thin belt over it. A simple outfit for sure. 

I accessorized the outfit with a petite pair of gifted earrings and floating white bead necklace, both from my oldest.

The shoes are the *cheap* floral print ones I purchased for the wedding. Standard vintage white hand bag.

I actually curled my hair this morning too. Haha! This ensemble was fairly simple to put together. I'm not really a fan of black, which is why I added the cardigan. I often feel too tired to put in the effort--and this is the result. 

Don't be afraid to dress up when you plan to show up this week! 

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