Sunday, August 30, 2015

Church Lady: Fun Blue Dress

Check out the cutest earrings ever!
I scored a couple bags of hand-me-downs recently. Such a blessing! Dresses are my favorite and there were a few in the mix. Unfortunately, they were shorter than I'd normally wear, much less to church. I am not afraid of knees but I'd like to be able to sit down with out exposing even more! Am I right ladies?

Plus the fact that I really enjoy dancing during worship and I certainly would not have the freedom to do that if I'm afraid of indecent exposure with every move I make.

At the same time, I feel like the need to wear leggings under a dress is just plain nonsense for a grown woman. Until Forever 21 gets the memo and starts making clothes for women over 5"2'...I'll have to make do. Sigh. The struggle IS real.

Now, on to fashion. I fell in love with this darling little dress the moment I saw it. It's reminiscent of a vintage, polyester working woman of the 80's with a little more flair and a little less business. Ruffled collar and ruffles down the button front. It has a definitive waist with a tie and a bit of flounce in the skirt. The sleeves button.

I've had the 'leggings' for a few years now and they are actually work out capris but whatever.

You've seen those thrifted heels and that vintage white hand bag before.

Our insdie dog, Rick Hunter aka: Ricky.
Later at church, a sweet friend gave me a bag of earrings. She is like my earring supplier. She has great taste in earrings but ends up with too many that for some reason, she feels unhappy with. It's amazing. The earrings tend to be similar in style but in various colors and shade.

This time there was a pair that were the cutest thing! They felt like tin, layered into a flower shape. The color matched perfectly so I switched out the ones I started out with, as soon as I was able.

This dress was fun to wear. In the end, the leggings were ok. I'm sorry, as much as I want to be, I'm just not a fan of the unsupervised, short dress. haha.

I indulged in a little extra silliness with our photo shoot today. I am considering posting more realistic pix from now on. You know, ones where I'm making a weird face, having been caught unawares, or the type where my arm or hand is at a odd angle, mid-movement.

Maybe next time. See you next week.

Downing my green tea, the current every day fav.
Solar glare...or Holy Spirit covering? 
It's a little breezy.
Gotta stay hydrated!

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